About Me

Growing Up
I was born and raised on a small family farm in a rural, underserved community to young parents. Our family faced great financial insecurity until my father joined a local ironworkers union, which provided crucial support through benefits and opportunities. With several family members as lifelong union members, I’ve always been a staunch supporter of our unions.

Raised in a Democratic household, I became politically engaged in high school, advocating for progressive causes at a young age. After graduation, I pursued higher education at MCC-Longview, where I played volleyball and earned an Associate of Arts degree. I took a specific interest in political science, philosophy, and sociology during my studies. After earning my degree I worked as a substitute teacher and sports program coordinator for a rural public school, and later transitioned to a role as a Resolutions Specialist.

I am currently a small business owner/operator. The skills I’ve honed in problem-solving, organization, and crisis management from this experience, as well as my past experiences, will be vital to the efficacy of driving progress and advocating for you as your State Representative.

My Experience With The Public School System
Working in the public school system, I witnessed numerous issues, from staff coping with low wages to students lacking resources and programs due to funding shortages. Athletic scholarships often serve as the sole pathway for impoverished students, myself included, to access higher education, yet these programs were underfunded or nonexistent. Teachers frequently dipped into their own pockets to provide essential supplies for students while already on meager wages. These experiences underscore the urgent need for increased funding and support for public education. I deeply respect the sacrifices and crucial role teachers play in our society.

What Pushed Me to Run
As a longtime activist, I’ve protested, volunteered, and advocated tirelessly. The frustration I feel at witnessing daily injustices and inequalities, coupled with the lack of representation and integrity in our elected officials, drives my candidacy for Texas State Representative. I’m a board member for a local democratic organization and an active member of my local democratic party. The 2020 election further illuminated the extent of corruption and division in our political and social landscape, intensifying my determination to challenge the system. Our politics are tainted by a corrupt campaign finance system, and I am committed to rectifying it. I am a regular community member, not a politician, and I hope to  bring a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to effecting positive change and advancing equality for all.

If I Could Only Promote One Message
Individually, when we demand change or justice, we are a small and quiet nuisance to those in positions of power. But united, we are an inescapable force, resulting in inevitable progress and change. We can not continue to allow a small number of wealthy people to control the status quo and the operation of our government, because they will never prioritize our needs over their profits. I’ll use my platform to empower and unite community members to demand progress towards a more fulfilling and equitable future for ALL.

My Goals & Your Involvement
My top priority is to ensure equal opportunity, protection, and representation for every individual. To achieve a more equitable future, we must actively engage in local politics and get involved in our communities. Voting is just the first step! Organize a union, start a community organization, and advocate for those in need. My aim is to unite our community and address pressing issues like healthcare, women’s rights, and public school funding. I have fought for equality for years, and I won’t rest until it’s achieved. Through solidarity, we can turn this vision into a reality.



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