Desiree Venable
Leader Candidate Advocate Champion Pioneer Spokesperson Trailblazer Ambassador Democrat
for a New Generation

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My Vision

I dream that one day our government will prioritize the wants and needs of the people over personal agendas and profits of the wealthy. I dream of our citizens coming together, to take back power and create a country that works for all.

Unfortunately, we’ve allowed false narratives and misinformation to divide our nation. Our attention has mistakenly been focused on fighting each other, rather than demanding our elected officials be held accountable for their failures. Year after year, our elected officials stray further away from representing the desires of the constituents who gave them their power. We need a leader who will step up and put the needs of the people above their own self interests. This is where I come in! I want to increase civic engagement, unite our people, and provide equal opportunity, protection, and representation for ALL of us.

The Venable Vow

When I’m granted the privilege of representing my district, I vow to provide comprehensive representation to all my constituents, and to prioritize the needs and wishes of the majority over the desires of a select few. I vow to provide equal opportunity and protection to all. I vow to work diligently to rectify misinformation and to dispel harmful stigmas perpetuated within our communities. Finally, I vow to use my position and platform to expose any and all corruption or injustice I find, regardless to where, or whom, it originates from.

Final Day to Register to Vote in texas 2024

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Important dates

Bastrop Marijuana Petition Canvass

        June 22nd, 2024

Join us this Saturday, June 22nd, for a marijuana decriminalization petition in Bastrop. Help gather signatures to get the decriminalization referendum on the ballot in November! This is the final weekend to collect the necessary remaining signatures.

City Council Meeting- Marijuana Referendum

        June 25th, 2024

Join us on Tuesday, June 25th, at 6:30pm at the Bastrop City Council meeting at City Hall as we reveal the details and importance of the Marijuana Referendum. We would love to have your support at this meeting as we declare the completion of the petition!

help make a positive impact, join us!